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Our Limited Edition Brown Betty Teapot Project

We are working with designer Ian McIntyre to produce a Limited Edition Brown Betty Teapot. It explores some of the original Brown Betty Teapot design features, celebrating the history of the Brown Betty and it's fascinating development since 1695. 

McIntyre is pursuing a doctorate degree; Brown Betty: The Archetypal Teapot was his research project for the first year of his programme.

Ian's work will be showcased at the British Ceramics Biennial Festival in Stoke-on-Trent from September 23rd through November 5th 2017. Our partnership with Ian is unique - he has visited and used our facilities throughout his research and design process, and we have agreed to produce his Limited Edition Brown Betty Teapot in the same traditional way in which we produce our own standard Brown Bettys. The only way to get your hands on one of these teapots, which pay homage the long history of the pottery industry in England, is through our pre-order page on the Cauldon Ceramics website. 

 You can read more about McIntyre's work here


  • Hi Stacey!
    The Ian McIntyre teapot is now available for sale here:


    Cauldon Ceramics
  • I will be ordering one.
    Have had great difficulty sourcing a replacement Brown Betty for our old original one which broke in Canada – finally found one remaining in eastern Canada (A Touch of British in Mississauga, Ont), had it sent. No retailers in western Canada had been able to source them – distributor (Britfoods/also called Churchills) seems inactive.

    By the way, the Dutch brothers ELLER popularised them in Georgian times when they found suitable red Terracotta clay in the woods of the Chatterley estate (yes THE Chatterleys of D H Lawrence’s scandalous novel). They were potters from Holland who settled near Stoke, and and made teapots from heavier clay that would withstand boiling water for tea, which was brought to Europe by the Dutch East India Company.
    Your website calls them ELERS BROS, and the swing label on the pot ELDER BROS.

    Tony Dowell
    Vancouver Island, BC

    Tony Dowell
  • Hi Stacey! We are still working on production. If you fill out our pre-order form (https://cauldonceramics.com/pages/limited-edition-order-form) we’ll be sure to get in touch with you personally when it is ready for sale!

    Cauldon Ceramics
  • I would like to buy an Ian McIntyre Brown Betty produced by Cauldon Ceramics. When will this teapot become available to buy?

    Prof M Stacey

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