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Cauldon Ceramics Classic Brown Betty Teapots

Timeless elegance since 1695.

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The Betty Blog

The Betty Blog

Re-designing of Brown Betty Teapot

Re-engineering the Brown Betty Teapot

Direct from Factory

Get your teapot straight from the kiln.

Handmade Means Handmade

The process has remained similar since 1695.

Made with Staffordshire Clay

In keeping with tradition.

Best Selling Products

2 Cup Brown Betty teapot with embossed logo
2 Cup Brown Betty teapot with embossed logo in Rockingham Brown by Cauldon Ceramics
Regular price £51.99
6 Cup Brown Betty Teapot
6 Cup Brown Betty Teapot in Rockingham Brown by Cauldon Ceramics
Regular price £56.99
Re-Engineered Ian McIntyre Brown Betty 4 Cup Teapot with Infuser
Re-Engineered Ian McIntyre Brown Betty 4 Cup Teapot with Infuser in Rockingham Brown by Cauldon Ceramics
Regular price £72.99
4 Cup Brown Betty Teapot
4 Cup Brown Betty Teapot in Rockingham Brown by Cauldon Ceramics
Regular price £51.99
8 Cup Brown Betty Teapot with Embossed Logo
8 Cup Brown Betty Teapot with Embossed Logo in Rockingham Brown by Cauldon Ceramics
Regular price £66.99

Happy Customers

I am quite pleased with the teapot. It is high quality and looks terrific. It is microwavable and dishwasher safe and makes a great pot of tea.

Jonah Lakely

Very pleased with my lovely new teapot; pours beautifully and just what I wanted. Arrived promptly., excellent service.

Barbara Franklin

Great Products from the UK, at really good prices and So convenient to be able to order online ! 

Trent Squnque

Cauldon ceramics is the leading and producer of original hand made Brown Betty teapots! We are one of the oldest manufacturers of the original Brown Betty teapot. Our teapots are still made in Staffordshire,England.

The company's founding father was Mr. Zaheer Sheikh, a highly learned man in the Ceramics and pottery industry. He established the company in the year 2005 with a vision to produce rare and exclusive Brown Betty teapots! The much-loved and appreciated teapot soon became the bestselling product! It is because of Brown Betty teapots that we have become one of the premier and best teapot shops in the whole of U.K.

The company's mission is to sell high-quality and authentic Brown Betty teapots on a budget! Amidst the many potteries available in the market, Brown Betty teapots are a Jewel in the crown!

Besides the iconic Brown Betty teapots, we also manufacture redware storage jars, Embossed Logo teapots, and teapot accessories!

Our goal is to evolve according to our customers' constantly changing needs constantly! Hence, we have introduced the reengineered version of the Brown Betty teapot, which was introduced after much research and study by the

Ph.D. holder Ian. McIntryre, who is an aword winning ceramic designer from Leeds!

Ian’s reengineered version of the Brown Betty maintains the red ‘‘Etruria Marl’’ clay from Staffordshire, the brown
‘Rockingham’ glaze and globe shaped pot! Certain trendy features such as the non-drip spout, and removable infusers have been

In the future, we plan to introduce
redware storage jars! These alluring and exclusive jars are made from the same
red Etruria Marl clay found in the Stoke on
Trent! These soul gratifying jars are called redware jars as they are made from
original Etruria Marl clay!  Cauldron ceramics is the exclusive
manufacturer of these authentic redware jars!    

Why Brown Betty teapots are apples of everyone’s eyes?

Brown Betty teapots are the original teapots created in 1695 they were ubiquitous in the Victorian era and are produced exclusively by Cauldon Ceramics! They are known for their beautiful design, great utility, quality, and capacity!

Brown Betty Teapots are known for their rarity and are one of the best teapots ever made! It is made from clay, which is pure and non-porous and allows heat to be retained for a longer duration! With the most authentic Brown Betty teapots by your side, you enhance the flavour and aroma of your tea!!

We bring you the most authentic taste of tea from British history and make sure that you get the original and much celebrated English Brown Betty teapots!

You deserve the most desirable!

How are Brown Betty teapots made?

Let us first quickly understand how Brown Betty teapots are made:

The raw material (red clay) is mined locally in Staffordshire! Once extracted, the clay is then taken to the processing factory, where the impurities are removed!

The clay is then mixed with water to make solid cakes! These are then passed through a pugmill which removes the air, thus forming soft blocks of clay which are ready to be delivered!!

We unbag the clay and cut it into smaller pieces at our ceramics teapot factory!

It is then mixed with water to form a liquid slip that is poured into the molds to make a perfect Brown Betty teapot!

Once ready, the teapots are removed from the mold, and dried!
The artisans then carefully remove the seams to give them a clean and smooth appearance!

Then they are put in the kiln for the first firing! Once fired, they are then hand-dipped in a Rockingham glaze and returned to the kiln for final firing!

These English teapots are now ready to be delivered to the end-users!!

What is Cauldon Ceramics?

We are a sustainable, customer-oriented teapot store that aims to spread happiness by presenting you with the most charming and long-lasting teapots! Brown Betty teapots are made from clay and make you feel closer to nature!

We also provide other accessories for all tea aficionados, including trays, lids, mugs, and a diverse variety of premium tea that would make your mornings!

We have earned huge goodwill in the market because we are one of the exclusive teapot stores that aim to bring you these vintage teapots! We also make teapots with Infusers and teapots with strainers! Enjoy your favourite beverage in these best teapots!

We are pioneers and market leaders in selling heritage Brown Betty teapots in the USA that are highly distinguished yet affordable!

Our goal is to serve the maximum number of people, and hence we make sure that we sell these rarest teapots in the most price-friendly way!

The skilled pot makers and our staff do their job with utmost passion and immense dedication to bring you the high quality, durable and finest teapots!
We aim to serve throughout the globe, and we have served many happy customers!!

Our teapots make memories last longer!