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Brown Betty Teapots

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Cauldon Ceramics Hand Made 8 Cup Brown Betty Teapot 60 fl oz/1700 ml
Cauldon Ceramics Hand Made 8 Cup Brown Betty Teapot 60 fl oz/1700 ml
Regular price £61.99
Cauldon Ceramics Hand Made 6 Cup Brown Betty Teapot 43 fl oz/1220 ml
Cauldon Ceramics Hand Made 6 Cup Brown Betty Teapot 43 fl oz/1220 ml
Regular price £56.99

The very sight of a teapot puts a smile on the face of most people.- Barbara Roberts!

What are Brown Betty Teapots?

Only a tea-lover understands the real significance of a teapot! At Cauldon Ceramics, we bring you one of the marvelous teapots straight from the British Victorian era! Known as Brown Betty teapots, these round-shaped teapots are one of the finest quality teapots to help you cherish your tea! 

Made from a clay called Etruria marl and having a manganese brown glaze, these teapots are lead-free and chemical-free! Moreover, as the clay is non-porous, it holds the heat for longer and keeps your tea hotter! The teapot is super easy to clean as well!

The round shape of these teapots allows the tea leaves to swirl around in the pot, thus releasing a perfect flavour and aroma.  These original Brown Betty teapots are one of the most durable teapots, which allow the tea leaves to infuse inside the teapot perfectly! 

Brown Betty teapots give you a perfect cup of hot tea, which is flavourful, aromatic, and less bitter. We also have teapots with infusers if you love to enjoy a tea made of loose tea leaves! 

Why should you go for Brown Betty teapots by Cauldon Ceramics! 

Cauldon Ceramics, a small company, based in Staffordshire, was started by Zamir Shaikh, one of the former owners of Caledonia Pottery. Each piece of Brown Betty is made by the local artisans using moulds, giving these teapots a perfect shape.

Today, we are one of the oldest and last manufacturers of the Brown Betty teapots and bring to you original Brown Betty teapots made from the special red terracotta clay(Etruria marl) found in Staffordshire! 

The artisans diligently handcraft each piece of Brown Betty teapot for a perfect finish that makes it so precious and rare! The handles of this teapot are specially designed to prevent your knuckles from burning when holding a hot pot of tea. 

We bring you Brown Betty teapots in different sizes so that you can purchase them as per the needs of your family! Moreover, our teapots are extremely price competitive. Our traditional and re-engineered teapots have received amazing customer feedback and are on the best seller's list!  

We are one of the distinguished and highly rated teapot shops on all platforms!

Our biggest goal is the satisfaction of our customers, who have placed their trust in our brand. Bringing a smile to your faces and making you fall in love with tea all over again with our authentic and handmade Brown Betty teapots! 

Our vision is to take the lineage of Mr. Zamir Shaikh to the next generation of millennials and bring the authentic Brown Betty teapots using age-old techniques!

We are seamlessly providing our services across the globe. Each Brown Betty teapot is carefully packed in layers of bubble wraps to ensure safe delivery to the destination. Free shipping across the U.K.

Choose these beautiful vintage pots, and they will last you a generation of tea parties.

 It’s rare, it’s beautiful!