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Limited Edition Brown Betty Pre-Order Form

We are working with designer Ian McIntyre to produce a Limited Edition Brown Betty Teapot. McIntyre is pursuing a doctorate degree, and designed this teapot as part of his research project entitled Brown Betty: The Archetypal Teapot. It explores some of the original Brown Betty Teapot design features, celebrating the history of the Brown Betty and it's fascinating development since 1695. 

Our partnership with Ian is unique - he has visited and used our facilities throughout his research and design process, and we have agreed to produce his Limited Edition Brown Betty Teapot in the same traditional way in which we produce our own standard Brown Bettys.

The prototype of his design can be seen below: 

This pre-order launch coincides with the British Ceramics Biennial Festival in Stoke-on-Trent (September 23rd through November 5th, 2017). If you would like to be contacted when our Limited Edition Brown Betty is available, please leave your contact details below: