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Any Loose Tea Lovers?

Coming Soon: Tea infusers for our loose tea lovers. 

Our tea infusers will fit in the rim of the teapot to allow loose leaf tea lovers to brew their tea in our Brown Bettys. No more straining the tea into the cup to remove the loose leaves. After steeping the tea for the perfect amount of time, the infuser can be removed so that you get the perfect strength cuppa.

Leave a comment and we will contact you when our infusers are ready to ship.





  • I would really love to buy an infuser for my 6 cup cobalt Betty. Are they in stock yet please?

    Penny Hajek
  • Notify when the new infusers are ready please.

    Shirley Hischier
  • I would like to purchase this basket. Please add me to your list. also I Love my Brown Betty

    Phillip Quattrocchi
  • Let me know when the infusers are available. Thanks

    Sarah kenan
  • Would love to know when these are ready!

    Forrest M Deviney

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