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The Re-engineered Brown Betty

A Historic 4-Cup Teapot

We can trace the first Brown Betty teapots all the way back to the 1700s; by 1926 the Staffordshire pottery industry were making approximately half a million Brown Betty per week. Cauldon Ceramics is the last remaining manufacturer of the original Brown Betty teapot. Together with ceramicist Ian McIntyre, we are pleased to present this newly re-engineered edition of what has become an iconic - and quintessentially British - object. Still handmade in the UK with the Etruria Marl clay and Rockingham glaze that give the teapot its famous colour, the re-engineered Brown Betty boasts modern features that make it the ideal teapot for the ritual that is tea time, no matter where in the world you make your cuppa. 

With Infuser


Get a loose leaf infuser basket for maximum brewing flexibility. The removable basket fits seamlessly inside the teapot, allowing you to pour the perfect cuppa without a strainer.

Without Infuser


Not a loose leaf drinker? Not to worry; no judgement here. Order your Brown Betty without the infuser basket and use your tea bags in peace. 

Innovation is the best step towards growth and prosperity! At Cauldon Ceramics, we believe in bringing better products to our customers every time! Hence, we collaborated with Ian McIntyre to bring you a limited edition, re-engineered Brown Betty teapots. 

These re-engineered Brown Betty teapots could be successfully brought to you because of Ian's three years of extensive research and collaboration with the oldest and only British teapot maker! 

While making this rare-engineered version, great care has been taken to preserve the traditional uniqueness, and each teapot has been made with pure Etruria clay! However, the innovation has led to the development of new details! Moreover, these teapots are available with infusers and also without infusers! A teapot with infuser allows you to add the loose tea leaves for better brewing! These teapots now come with the latest features that sets them a class apart! Let us quickly look at the features of the re-engineered Brown Betty teapots!

Adorable shape - The re-engineered Brown Betty teapot is globe-shaped and looks highly appealing!

Stain-free glaze- Ian’s re-engineered teapot has the same Rockingham glaze used in the 18th century! The traditional touch allows the teapot to remain stain-free, enhancing the pot's life! 

No drip spout - The 1920s patent technique has been introduced to ensure that the tea doesn’t spill when it pours out of the teapot! 

Removable infuser - The removable infuser ensures enhanced aroma and flavour, as it allows perfect brewing! Moreover, the loose leaves don’t spill inside the cup of tea! 

Locking lid - With this new technology, locking the lid becomes extremely easy, and you can quickly pour the tea with a single hand!

These re-engineered Brown Betty teapot by Ian McIntyre has been nominated for the Beazley designs of 2018 at the London Design Museum!

What are teapots with Infusers and teapots with strainers?

A teapot with strainers prevents the loose tea leaves from draining inside your cup, and hence, you can brew your tea in the teapot itself!   

A teapot with infusers allows you to brew tea inside the teapot! The dry tea leaves can be easily inserted into the infuser, which allows the dry leaves to release their flavour and aroma into the warm water in the teapot! This makes your tea more aromatic and flavourful!!

You can determine the amount of time you want to keep the infusers in the teapot to make a perfect cup of tea! Teapot with Infusers allows the tea to brew for a more extended period and gives it a balanced and delectable taste! The Teapot infusers have large holes through which the hot water mixes with the tea. However, the holes are too small for the leaves to escape! 

Benefits of teapot with Infuser

Let us quickly look at the benefits of teapot with Infuser!

Makes your tea more aromatic and flavourful - The tea made from infused tea leaves is more aromatic and flavourful! Prevents tea leaves from floating inside your cup! - When you use a teapot with an infuser, you prevent the loose tea leaves from going inside your cup!! Teapot infusers are best for people who love herbal teas for improving health as you get the maximum benefits and flavour when you use a teapot infuser! 

At Cauldon Ceramics, we love continuous innovations and making things constantly better for our customers! This is one of the reasons why we are one of the most distinguished and premium teapot stores! 

The teapot with Infusers and teapots with strainers are extremely simple to use, but they significantly enhance and alleviate your experience of drinking tea!  

We celebrate creating and customizing our teapots to make our customers more cheerful!