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Redware Storage Jars

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What is Redware?

Redware is a fancy term for ceramics made from Etruria Marl clay, the red clay found in the ground around Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The British pottery industry began with country potters; these were native craftspeople using convenient materials in the small-scale production of elementary crockery. They were the first to recognize that the local red clay could be fired at low temperatures, making it especially workable and economical.


Why is it special?

Our new Cauldon Redware collection consists of functional and refined everyday items - a revitalization of redware for our times - and is the result of a collaboration between Cauldon pottery and ceramicist Ian McIntyre. It’s the very same Ian McIntyre who brought us in the Reengineered Brown Betty , so you’ll want to see this new collection. Cauldon Ceramics is the last remaining manufacturer of redware in Stoke-on-Trent, proudly conserving one of the oldest traditions in British ceramic-making history. 



More About the History of British Ceramics

Country potters served the local agricultural communities by producing simple affordable tableware; storage pots for everyday use and vessels for the transportation of goods to market. But in the late 1600s two Dutch brothers; John Philip and David Elers, changed the history of the region forever when they saw untapped potential in this distinctive clay. First, they refined it and then set about using it to make elegant and fashionable ceramic goods, mimicking imported Chinese pottery that was popular at the time. This intervention set in motion the reinvention of the area as the capital of ceramic production in Britain.


However, the production of redware in Stoke-on-Trent, as elsewhere, dwindled as decorative fashions changed: Imported clays, with which stoneware and Bone China could be effectively made, ultimately prevailed. Today, the association between this characterful red clay and The Potteries - the original raw material of the area and the famous industry it inspired - has all but been forgotten. The only exception is perhaps the Brown Betty teapot. Cauldon are proud to be the last remaining producer of this iconic British object, another product in our contemporary redware collection.

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