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Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

Many of the teapot users have questions regarding Brown Betty Teapots and their usage. People search the internet about Betty Teapots and ask each other question but don’t get satisfactory answers. So here we have the most common questions and compare Brown Betty and Bone China Teapots.

Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

The most common question is:

  • Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

Bone China teapots look beautiful and come in many shapes and sizes. They are produced from a special type of porcelain which is made from bone ash. This type of porcelain is translucent and very delicate to handle.

Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

On the other hand, Brown Betty teapots are globe-shaped earthenware teapots, made from a special type of clay, which is only found in the Bradell Woods near Stoke-on-Trent, England. This special clay is also called as Etruria marl. This red clay can retain heat, which is the primary factor for a teapot to keep the tea hot for a long time. Plus, its round shape gives it a lot of space for the tea leaves to swirl inside, to infuse and give a perfect cup of tea.

  • Are Brown Betty Teapots more expensive than Bone China Teapots?

It completely depends on the quality of the teapot you are buying. In general, if you are going to buy a good quality bone china teapot, it will always cost you more than Brown Betty Teapot.

Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

On the other hand, there are cheap Yixing teapots available, but for that, you must compromise with the quality of the teapot and your health.

Brown Betty Teapots last longer as they are more robust than bone China teapots.

  • Are Brown Betty Teapots lead free?

Many of our customers ask us “Is my Brown Betty Teapot lead free?” Yes! Of course, Brown Betty Teapots are lead free. There is no chemical or substance used in the making of an authentic Brown Betty Teapot which can harm you.

Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

On the other hand, there are so many bone china teapots available, which contain lead used in its manufacturing. Lead is usually mixed into the glaze, which is used to decorate the teapots. You can see many cheap Yixing teapots fail the lead test during a quality check.

  • Are Brown Betty Teapots microwave safe?

No, Brown Betty Teapots are not microwave safe. On the other hand, certain bone china items are also not microwave safe.

  • Are Brown Betty Teapots dishwasher safe?


No, Brown Betty Teapots are not dishwasher safe. It also doesn’t need dishwashing, because it is very simple to clean them. Just wash your Brown Betty Teapot with normal tap water and put upside down on the kitchen counter to let it air dry and that’s it. No extra effort needed.

Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

  • Do Brown Betty Teapots perform better than Bone China Teapots?


If we compare, then we find out that because of the special red clay, Brown Betty teapots can keep the tea hot longer.

Because of the red clay’s properties, as it is used, the Brown betty teapots begin to absorb the flavor and aroma of the tea, which makes next batch of tea more flavorful.

So, we can say that Brown Betty is the better option if you want to have a perfect cup of loose-leaf tea.

 Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots?

As a conclusion, we found out that a Brown Betty Teapot is a much better option in case of price, usage, durability and chemical safety.

Both Brown Betty and Bone China teapots can be bought online but beware of fake Brown Betty Teapots. Authentic Brown Betty Teapots have “Company Name” and “Made in England” embossed on the bottom.

Why is Brown Betty Teapots better than Bone China Teapots? 

If you would like to buy an original Staffordshire Brown Betty, made in England, Click here.


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