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How to take care of Brown Betty Teapots

Regarding care of the Betty teapot, the answer is as simple as the Brown Betty Teapot itself. It should be handled with care and washed gently. All you need to do is just take out all the tea leaves from the teapot and simply rinse it with tap water. Place it upside-down on your kitchen counter to dry it off, and that’s it. Your teapot is ready for its next use. Tea does not promote mold growth, so there is no need for aggressive detergents and disinfectants, although the occasional use of a dishwashing detergent does no harm. Hand drying is recommended.

Dishwashers are not recommended for  Brown Betty Teapots. Prolonged exposure to steaming hot water can cause water absorption by the clay which may cause the glaze to crack.
How to take care of Brown Betty Teapot?
For the long life of your precious Brown Betty Teapot, here are a few tips: –
Never pour boiling water directly inside the teapot. The pot should be warmed first. To warm, add hot warm water into the teapot and pour it out again, then wait for 2 to 3 minutes to pour the hot water inside the teapot after adding the tea leaves.
 Ian McIntyre TeapotHow to take care of Brown Betty Teapot?
Over the decades, there have been few changes in both the design and the features of Brown Betty Teapots. Older versions of Brown Betty Teapots were jollied which allowed a tea strainer to be incorporated into the spout. But nowadays Brown Betties are slip casted and they come with a separate infuser Brown Betty 4 Cup Teapot with Infuser, which is more convenient for the cleaning. The round shape of modern Brown Betty also makes it easy to handle and hand clean.
I hope these tips and tricks will help you to keep your Brown Betty Teapot always new and ready to use and increase its life.
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How to take care of Brown Betty Teapot?

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  • Thank you for your article about Brown Betty care. I have always wanted this teapot and finally will have one to call my own. I have a question. When brewing my tea, I place a squeezed portion of a melon and two teaspoons of Splenda in the pot along with my loose leaf tea. Is this ok or is the lemon a no, no?
    Thank you.

    Elizabeth Kelly

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